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It is official.

My Pretty Pink Blogette has closed.

I’ve been struggling for the past year to keep up with this blog AND keep it interesting, AND keep up with my other blogs and projects, but the writing on the wall is telling me it’s time to narrow my focus, My poor, little pink blog has been suffering much neglect and it may be time to give her a rest.

For now, the focus will be on my new, main blog *Tickle*My*Whimsy* . There, I cover photography, family, food, design, and all things pretty and inspiring. Don’t be afraid to follow or subscribe, it’s still me, just a little more interesting. :-)

So, please, head on over and subscribe or follow, because I do want us to keep up with each other.

I thank you sooo much for all your love, support, and kind comments! Hope to see you there!

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